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Jamie Chavez, Certified Life Coach & Reiki Praction
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Welcome! I am so glad you are here. I have a lifetime of experience and education to support you through coaching and consultation. My expertise provides a foundation in tackling life's issues such as finding one's purpose in life to working through high-functioning anxiety.  In a rapidly changing world, I continue to adapt and learn ways to support in taking on life's curveballs around the COVID and embracing the new or current normal.  Together, we work to find the best path to overcome what challenges you.

The benefits of Life Coaching should not be underestimated.  Being able to achieve greatness and living to your utmost potential is priceless.  Live your best life without sacrificing.  This can be done by taking a holistic approach to evaluating all facets of your life and set into motion the next steps to really start living. 


About Life Coaching


It can help with

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Life Purpose

Discover what makes you happy, how to make a difference, define your personal mission by evaluating your gifts, values, and life's path. Find that reason to get out of bed in the morning - your life’s meaning and purpose.  

Personal Growth

Explore your creativity, education, skills, and avenues of self-expression.  Find out what is holding you back from living an authentic life, being at your best, and pushing you to your limits.

Health & Wellness

Learn how to take control of your health through self-advocacy.  You don’t have to live with insomnia, digestive issues, or with low energy. Together we will work to get you reengaged with the world feeling energized.

Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Well-Being

At the center of your core is your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Acquire an understanding of how your individual experiences have shaped how you think, feel, and interact with those around you.  Use this knowledge to learn techniques to help combat ailments such as stress, depression, or anxiety. With guidance, you can then apply your spiritual values, beliefs, morals as the focal point in which you find receive inner peace, comfort, and strength. Taking this step and by looking inward, you can find your voice to speak and live your truth.

Life Balance

Identify how to eliminate the sense of overwhelm. Unearth all of the societal demands that define what it means to be a good partner, parent, and colleague and prioritize you at the center. Find balance and space without guilt or sacrifice.

Career Trajectory

Whether you are straight out of university or heading towards retirement we can co-create a plan to utilize your skills and maximize gifts. This clarity will support the pursuit to explore new areas of interest and possibilities to achieve professional fulfillment.

Life Transitions

Life transitions, new baby, divorce, serious illness, or job changes, whether the change is positive or negative, it can bring challenges. Evaluate how to approach these new paths or chapters and embrace the change.


Food is energy, a key component to life. What is processed in the gut can directly impact our brain and overall body function. Through mindful eating, understanding food sensitivities, and nourishing the body with supplements when needed, can get you on the path to changing your relationship with food.

Palm Tree Leaves

Support your relationships with friends, family, colleagues, children, and partners by determining when and how to establish boundaries, ways to add depth and meaning, and recognizing when to move on when the relationship is no longer serving you.


“After only a few coaching sessions,

my life feels transformed. I am now moving

forward towards reaching my goals! ”

— Hailey M.

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